Traveling With Varicose Veins: All You Need To Know

Having those gnarled, purple, painful stretches on your legs can be very painful. It can have effects on your choices: one of which is prohibiting long-distance flights. Being stationary – whether you’re sitting or standing – for long periods can make varicose veins worse. Based on this knowledge, traveling long distances – on land or … Read more

Why Quintana Roo is the best 2021 destination

It’s challenging to find a better global tourism destination than Mexico. There are so many incredible things to do, and you’ll struggle to beat the vast array of food, culture, and, cuisine. That’s why Mexico attracts over 40 million visitors per year? People love to visit Mexico City and Quintana Roo. However, if you’re looking … Read more

The New Zealand Tourist Visa – Everything You Need to Know

New Zealand Passport and NZ map

When it comes to international tourism, New Zealand has become one of the most popular destinations in the world. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a sunny beach, visit a volcano, or even take a glacier tour, our country has a lot to offer. But international tourism can be confusing, especially when it comes to navigating local … Read more

International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy

Road Sign in wood with "New Zealand" on it

Forty countries already charge a tourism tax, and New Zealand implemented its IVL on October 1st 2019. Also, the Visitors from the United States will have to pay the IVL when applying for a New Zealand eTA. The aim of the IVL Through the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy, the tourists will contribute financially … Read more

Must-sees in New Zealand South Island

New Zealand South Island: Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu aerial view with mountains on the background

New Zealand South Island in a word: Abundance. South Island is the larger of New Zealand’s two major islands. It is known locally as Te Waipounamu.  Despite extending over a bigger surface area, it is less populated than the smaller North Island. Cook Strait borders South Island New Zealand to the north. Its western boundary is … Read more

New Zealand Working Holiday Visa: complete guide updated 2020

New Zealand Work Visa

Sammy and Bob received their college certification in America and both wanted some kind of a break abroad. What about New Zealand, Bob had proposed? It sounded financially utopian since neither could afford to pack up and traipse off to a foreign country for a few months. But Sammy reminded him that both had no … Read more